Startup Partners

Startup Parters offers HBS-affiliated NYC Area startups high-impact/low-time advice from experienced alumni. Each session consists of a 2-hour lunch or evening meeting with 3 to 6 alumni volunteers at a convenient location. This is not a pitch meeting; rather the company poses strategic and operational questions, and receives candid feedback, advice, and network contacts. Volunteers get to engage with other alumni on a “case” with an innovative, energized business team.

HBS Alumni: Complete this form to become a startup adviser.

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Why Join Startup Partners?

For alumni volunteers:

  • Get exposure to what the next generation of innovation looks like.
  • Pay forward help you have received in the past.
  • Flexible! You can volunteer for as many or few 2-hour sessions as you like.

For companies:

  • Get fresh eyes on your issue – with broad experience.
  • Quick response
  • Networking contacts